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Buyer Features

Explore the features that make Supply'd the best choice to solve your wholesale ordering pain points. Wholesale ordering has never been so easy.

  • Ordering

    Order from multiple suppliers at once

    Simply add all the items you want to purchase to the cart, and checkout from all for your suppliers at once.

  • Ordering

    Order from all of your suppliers

    Easily add any supplier and products to order from them via Supply'd even if they're not already on the platform.

  • Ordering

    All of your orders in one place

    One central system for all your orders eliminates "he said, she said" and gives you the true order always.

  • Ordering

    Staff approvals

    Monitor staff orders with a built in approval process to prevent over/under ordering remotely.

  • Ordering

    See when you last ordered a product

    When viewing a product you can instantly see when you last ordered and how much.

  • Receiving

    Order receiving

    Keep track of inbound products with order receiving in Supply'd.

  • Ordering

    Sales trend predictions and recommendations

    Integrate with your POS to enable sales trend predictions and recommendations to make ordering smarter.

  • Ordering

    Postpone supplier orders

    Postpone a suppliers order in the cart if you don't meet order minimums or want to add items later.

  • Ordering

    Order for all of your locations

    Order for all your locations within the one Supply'd account with user specific access to each location.

  • Ordering

    Set supplier order minimums

    For custom suppliers you add order minimums to avoid post-order cancellations and issues.

  • Marketplace

    Discover new products and suppliers

    Explore the wholesale marketplace to discover new products and suppliers for your business.

  • Scanner

    Scan to order

    With a Supply'd scanner you can simply scan your products to order right on the shop floor.

  • Scanner

    Scan to receive

    Have a record of what products actually arrived with scan to receive. Simply scan items when they arrive in store to keep track of delivery discrepancies and inventory.

  • Ordering

    Automatic purchase order creation

    Automatically have purchase orders created in your accounting software when and order is placed.

  • Receiving

    Automatically update inventory on receipt

    Simply scan items on receipt to automatically load inventory into you POS, accounting, website and more.

  • Marketplace

    Understand your margins

    See product margins based on the recommended sell price when viewing products in the marketplace.

  • Marketplace

    Save your favourites

    Save your favourite products with the click of a button to create list of products to order.

What our buyers are saying

So easy! Using Supply'd has allowed our whole team to order without mistakes, allowing us as owners to focus on growing the business. We love it and so do the team.

Only Mine

My biggest issue has always been time and how much of it is eaten up by ordering and admin. Using Supply'd has allowed me to finally start to get on top of things and think about growing my business.

Mountain Wholefoods

I love using Supply’d. So quick and easy. Out of all the processes I’ve experienced in ordering more stock - Supply’d is hands down the quickest and easiest.

Feel Better Box

Using Supply’d has cut our ordering time by over 75% and made managing hundreds of suppliers a breeze.

Wholefood Merchants