Xero + Supply'd Integration

With Xero and Supply'd working in tandem you can eliminate a lot of manual processes with wholesale ordering for both suppliers and buyers. 

For Suppliers

  • Automatically create Xero invoices when a new Supply'd order is received
  • Automatically update Xero invoices when a Supply'd order is modified
  • Automatically create new customers in Xero if the customer doesn't exist
  • Automatically sync invoice payments with Xero for Supply'd credit card payments
  • Automatically sync reconciled payments from Xero to Supply'd
  • Automatically sync Supply'd fees with Xero
  • Automatically sync Supply'd fee payments with Xero
  • Automatically sync inventory levels from Xero to Supply'd

For Buyers

  • Automatically create Xero purchase orders when you place an order on Supply'd
  • Automatically create new products in Xero if the product doesn't exist
  • Automatically create new suppliers in Xero if the supplier doesn't exist 
  • Automatically mark Xero purchase orders as billed when an order is received in via Supply'd
  • Automatically create new bills in Xero when an order is received in via Supply'd