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Kimchi Club - Fermented Ginger 140g
Kimchi Club Fermented Ginger 140g x 8 per carton Get Wholesale Price

Our ginger has that spritzy tang we all love with a depth you haven't experienced in ginger before. 

Use it in any sweet or savoury recipe which requires ginger - stir fries, curries, fish, soups, cakes or cookies. Add it to juice, tonic water, lemonade, smoothies, muesli, ice cream, pancakes and salad dressings. Make a soothing winter tea with a spoonful of our ginger in a tea infuser, steeped in hot water and sweetened with honey.

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Shelf Life 18 Months
Kimchi Club Supplied By: Kimchi Club Jams/Sauces/Condiments


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