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Blue Elephant - Tom Kha Soup 250g
Blue Elephant Tom Kha Soup 250g x 6 per carton Get Wholesale Price
Tom Kha is definitely one of the most emblematic soups in Thailand! This creamy coconut-infused broth ¬â?õ?í packed with Thai herbs aromatic wonders ¬â?õ?í is traditionally made with chicken and enjoyed as such or Served with Thai Jasmine rice to create a complete meal. Blue Elephant Thai Tom Kha Soup is ready to heat and already contains lemongrass stalks, galangal slices and kaffir lime leaves to highlight the taste of your authentic Thai soup! Easy-to-cook, you can now invite Thailand in your plate with this ready-made broth in less than 5min! Just add the protein of your choice (and mushrooms if your wish) and you will get a creamy coconut Tom Kha Soup for two. This flavourful broth, made in Thailand from Thai fresh ingredients only, is an original recipe from Master Chef Nooror Somany ¬â?õ?í founder of the Blue Elephant Royal Thai Cuisine Restaurants.INGREDIENTS:Coconut milk 54.0%, Water 14.0%, Tom Kha paste (galangal 21.4%, tamarind paste 18.6%, lemongrass 14.3%, shallot 12.9%, fully refined soy bean oil 12.7%, sugar 6.2%, salt 6.1%, coriander 3.2%, kaffir lime 2.8%, dried red chili 1.6%, Thai garlic 0.2%) 14.0%, Galangal 4%, Lemongrass 3%, Shallots 3%, Tom Yam Chili paste (fully refined soy bean oil 17.6%, tamarind paste 16.1%, shallot 14.7%, Thai garlic 13.2%, sugar 11.7%, lemongrass 9.0%, dried red chili 6.7%, galangal 5.4%, kaffir lime 3.1%, coriander 1.8%, salt 0.7% ) 2.0%, Fish sauce (anchovy(fish), salt, sugar) 2.0%, Tamarind paste (tamarind, water) 1.5%, Sugar 1.0%, Coriander 1.0%, Kaffir lime 0.3%,Red chili 0.1%, Salt 0.1%.
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