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Auswan Beef - Teriyaki Biltong 50gAuswan Beef - Teriyaki Biltong 50g
Auswan Beef - Teriyaki Biltong 50g
Auswan Beef - Teriyaki Biltong 50g
Auswan Beef Teriyaki Biltong 50g x 12 per carton Get Wholesale Price

Biltong is a high protein meat snack opposite of its counter mate "Jerky". Biltong has a much more softer texture and flavour as jerky and also more healthier.  The perfect snack for entertaining, sports (great source of energy), outdoors (hiking, camping and fishing). Also great in sandwiches for school and lunches, for pasta and salads. The best snack for travelling.

Biltong is great on keto high protein diet when paired with avocado or boiled egg for added healthy fats. 

Biltong is also a perfect snack for the low FODMAP diet when consume in moderation, meaning enjoying the snack and making pleasure in what you eat.


98% Australian grass fed beef:- with vinegar, salt, sugar <1 g per serving, spices, bicarbonate of soda. No MSG. No preservatives. No artificial colours and flavours.

Allergen Information:

No Allergens active in our product, however spices may get in contact with traces of peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, soy as this is out of our control. Our product is 98% dry meat with our secret spices handmade to perfection.

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Unit RRP $7.50
Shelf Life 7 Months
Made In Australia
Auswan Beef PTY LTD Supplied By: Auswan Beef PTY LTD Snacks, Meats


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