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Bennetto - Salted Caramel in Dark 100g
Bennetto Salted Caramel in Dark 100g x 14 per carton Get Wholesale Price
Our Journey starts in the heart of the South American cocoa producing area, where ancient fine-flavour varieties grow in a highly diversified organic environment. The beans are carefully cultivated by Fair trade certified farming groups who champion gender equality, young farmer training and reforestation in the Amazon - while perfect growing conditions produce a vibrant flavoured crop. We then partner with a Swiss chocolate maker who offsets all CO2 produced by planting additional timber trees in the area. The native birds of South America gracing our recyclable packaging remind us of a living ecosystem behind every chocolate bar.This is chocolate to feel good about - certified organic, Fair trade, carbon-neutral and with natural ingredients. Bennetto Chocolate is a symbol of the way we treat our people, our animals and our planet.  
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Unit RRP $7.95
Shelf Life 12 Months
Cartel & Co Supplied By: Cartel & Co Distributor


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