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Superkick Smoothies Frozen Mango Chunks 1KGx10 1 per carton $65.00 Buy Now

Frozen Mango Chunks

Kent variety mango that has been frozen fresh after washing, peeling, de-stoning, inspecting and slicing the mango into chunks.

These mango dices are free flowing with minimal clumps or blemishes. The appearance is good and they are free from defects and have a clean light yellow/orange complexion. The mango chunks are uniformly tender with minimal fraying or splitting. The dices have a sweet mango flavour and have high BRIX (12 +/-3).

These mango chunks can be used in a mango sorbet, fruit cocktails, smoothies or juices.

Item Code: 1600

Item Size: 1KGx10 bags (10kg carton)

Ingredients: Kent Mango

(Mangifera indica)

Ingredient Size: 19-25mm

Origin: Vietnam

Storage: Keep frozen

Allergens: Nil

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SKU 1600
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