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EatItalia - GNOCCHI - PLAIN - 20 Portions of 280grams (one BOX)
EatItalia GNOCCHI - PLAIN - 20 Portions of 280grams (one BOX) 1 per carton Get Wholesale Price

Our famous house made PLAIN Gnocchi is a true Italian Classic and we don't propose to change anything from that. Using the simplest formula of good quality ingredients, our Gnocchi are our signature pasta at Eat Italia enjoyed by all your family/friends.

The Plain Gnocchi are best served with any of our amazing sauces: Napoli, Bolognese, Cream & Pork Sausage Sauce, Mushroom Sauce, Mushroom & Bacon or for a bit of heat - Amatriciana Sauce.

Serving Size is approx for 2ppl or 200g per person.

This item will arrive frozen. If not being used the same day as delivery, please freeze once you receive. 

To heat, simply follow instructions on packaging. 

Ingredients: Water, Potato Flakes-Dehydrated, Flour, Eggs, Butter, Salt.

Our food is made in a setting that may contain traces of wheat, eggs, dairy, nuts & seafood.  

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SKU 1050
Shelf Life 6 Months
Eat Italia Supplied By: Eat Italia Meals


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