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Roar Living™ - Davidson Plum cordial 500ml
Roar Living™ Davidson Plum cordial 500ml x 12 per carton Get Wholesale Price

Plum Pudding

Plum Pudding is a classic flavour combination with a twist. Australia bush food Davidson Plums are paired to perfection with quality Sri Lankan cinnamon, making this cordial the perfect warm and spicy treat.

Davidson Plums are grown in tropical and sub-tropical areas of Australia. They can be found in rainforests growing on trunks of the tree. This tart and highly acidic bush food has intense, striking, deep and dark purple fruit with blood red rich soft flesh. It's too tart to bite like other plum varieties yet delicious made into chutney, jams and of course cordial.

We gently poached the plums to release its vibrant colour and tart flavour with spicy cinnamon and the end result is Plum Pudding- an aromatic, timeless classic.

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SKU PPud - 36902
Shelf Life 2 Years
Roar Living ™ Supplied By: Roar Living ™ Drinks


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