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Koru Pantry Organic Tea - Shades of Grey Earl Grey Display Tin 250g
Koru Pantry Organic Tea Shades of Grey Earl Grey Display Tin 250g x 1 per carton Get Wholesale Price

Inspired by Earl Grey - one of the most recognised & well-loved flavoured teas in the world, Shades of Grey is your new brew - particularly if your conscience as well as your thirst needs satisfying. We've sourced the finest organic & biodynamic orange pekoe ceylon tea from the famous fair trade Koslanda estate, so you can rest assured that this tea supports communities as well as making your taste buds happy! It's infused with orange bergamot & studded with cornflowers to create a mesmerising blend that will take your hand & walk you gently into the day as dawn breaks. It will shine served alongside delicate cakes in a classically English high tea, & is the perfect companion in those last moments of sunset as you contemplate the beauty of the day. All without a shadow of guilt. 

Health Benefits 

Full of beneficial antioxidants, (including catechin, an antioxidant that fights oral infections), studies have shown positive impact of black tea on our blood sugar & cholesterol levels, improving 'good' cholesterol levels & reducing 'bad'. Some interesting studies have shown that when served with lemon, the antioxidant level improves even more, while it is slightly lowered by adding milk. BUT, adding HIGH fat milk is better than adding LOW fat milk. Unlike the dehydrating properties of coffee, tea helps you stay hydrated & maintains the body's fluid balance due to its high potassium content. The bergamot oil in Shades of Grey is understood to balance metabolism & the digestive process, by activating the secretions of digestive acids & enzymes. It can lower blood sugar levels & is thought to have pain relieving properties, making it a gentle choice for headaches. It has been shown to improve circulation & is believed to have an uplifting effect on mood. 

 Serving Size 3g 

 As always, warm your pot (or cup), then use 1 teaspoon of tea per person (plus one for the pot) & add boiling water. Wrap or cover your pot to keep cosy as you allow it five minutes to brew to perfection. Serve with lemon or milk, & make sure you choose a favourite china teacup to serve. Find a quiet spot in your home or garden to sit, sip & meditate on just how good life is.

Organic Ceylon Earl Grey [Sri Lanka] Organic Black Tea - Camellia Sinensis [Sri Lanka], Organic Cornflower Blossoms [Poland], Bergamot Oil [Sri Lanka]

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Shelf Life 2 Years
Koru Pantry Organic Tea Supplied By: Koru Pantry Organic Tea Tea


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