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Koru Pantry Organic Tea - Slumber My Darling - ChamomileLarge Cylinder 70g
Koru Pantry Organic Tea Slumber My Darling - ChamomileLarge Cylinder 70g x 4 per carton Get Wholesale Price

There are days we feel like rock stars… & then there are days, where despite your best efforts, your stress & exhaustion levels mean that every little noise around you feels harsh & jarring. You’re strung out & in desperate search of your inner zen. Never fear, this tea will pick you up, carry you off to bed, tuck you in with a kiss & sing you to sleep with a lullaby… The sweet honey tones of organic chamomile are laced with soothing lavender & top notes of rose. They are a dream team of support for our adrenals & our immune system as well as aiding stomach & menstrual pain. In no time at all you’ll be on top of the world again & your rock star status will be firmly restored – Sweet dreams…

Health. Benefits

Chamomile is well known for its calming qualities. It’s understood to boost the immune system & has both antibacterial & antimicrobial properties, so can be a great choice to both help prevent & treat colds & flu. Its antispasmodic qualities mean that is wonderful for stomach discomfort & menstrual pain. It also has benefits for the skin both when used topically & when consumed. (See brewing instructions for some clever hints on this!) Rose is higher in Vitamin C than oranges, (helping your body absorb iron) and also provides us with a good dose of Vitamins A, B, E & K. It calms the stomach & supports liver & kidney function. Lavender has antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties & can assist indigestion & respiratory conditions. It is also deeply calming to the nervous system, supports good sleep & offers substantial adrenal support, helping combat the negative impact of stress on our bodies.

Serving Size 2g

Find your prettiest teapot, (a little glass one is divine for how gorgeous this tea is!) warm it & then add one rounded spoon of Slumber my Darling per person. You can add one for the pot if there are a few people. Pour boiling water over, brew for 3 – 5 minutes. We always like to use a tea cosy to keep it warm as it works its magic. Some people like to sweeten with a little honey, & while that’s an idea if you have a cold, the chamomile we’ve sourced is so damn good, it tastes like honey all on its own. NOW – when you’ve finished the brew, don’t throw the leaves out. Keep & chill in the fridge, wrapped in a little muslin cloth. Applied to the eyes it can reduce puffiness, & can calm acne or sunburn. You can even toss it in your bath and your whole body (& hair) will love you for it.

Organic Chamomile Tea [Egypt], Organic Lavender, [China] Organic Rose petals [India]

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Unit RRP $27.00
Shelf Life 2 Years
Koru Pantry Organic Tea Supplied By: Koru Pantry Organic Tea Tea


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