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Koru Pantry Organic Tea - Clean Up Your Act - Detox Tea Small Refill Pack 400g
Koru Pantry Organic Tea Clean Up Your Act - Detox Tea Small Refill Pack 400g x 1 per carton Get Wholesale Price

If you’ve already ‘Kon Mari-ed’ your house & you’re ready to turn that attention inward, ‘Clean Up Your Act’ will help you step up to the plate! Nourishing caffeine free Honeybush tea rich in minerals, phenols & vitamin C, forms the foundation of this blend. We’ve woven together the healing power of Sarsaparilla, Burdock, Dandelion & Schisandra berries with a handful of supporting balancing ingredients.  Traditionally used for adrenal, immune, kidney & liver support, they are understood to possess anti-inflammatory & adaptogen qualities. Delicious, Oh-So-Virtuous & bound to ‘spark joy’! Imagine, if you’re done detoxing your house & your body, you MAY even be ready to tackle that inbox…

Health Benefits

Caffeine free honeybush tea is rich in minerals, phenols & vitamin C. Studies have shown that the high amounts of Pinitol in the tea are beneficial as an expectorant & as a tool in fighting diabetes. It’s rich in iron, potassium, calcium, copper, zinc, magnesium & manganese – between them helping the body transport oxygen, boost nitric oxide in the blood for energy, aiding metabolic processes, helping bone growth, healthy teeth & skin & nervous system support. To this base a complex blend of herbs provides support to help kidneys purify the blood, balance the nervous system & adrenals, support liver health & act with anti-inflammatory & adaptogen qualities, (helping the body counter stress).

Serving Size 3g

As always, warm your pot (or cup), then use 1 teaspoon of tea per person (plus one for the pot) & add boiling water. Wrap or cover your pot to keep cosy as you allow it 5 minutes to brew to perfection. You might make an extra thermos of this to take with you to work so you can continue the virtuousness all day long…

Organic Honeybush tea [South Africa], Organic Liquorice root [Egypt], Organic Dandelion Root [Morocco], Organic Schisandra Berries [China], Organic Sarsaparilla [Mexico], Organic Burdock root [China], Organic Fennel seeds [Egypt], Organic Cinnamon bark [Sri Lanka], Organic Rosella hibiscus [Egypt], Organic Ginger root [China]

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Shelf Life 2 Years
Koru Pantry Organic Tea Supplied By: Koru Pantry Organic Tea Tea


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