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Chai Collective Chocolate Chai - Organic 100g
Chai Collective Chocolate Chai - Organic 100g x 1 per carton Get Wholesale Price

To all the lovers of Chocolate and Chai, this one is for you. This seamless combination of Cacao and Mesquite is hand blended with exotic spices and Assam tea to create the ultimate sugar free chocolate flavoured treat. The rich cacao notes are balanced by the Mesquite, which creates a warming quality and soft liquid chocolate texture. 

Balanced yet complex, this blend bursts with clarity and depth, delivered in a velvety body. Chai lovers can now experience our most exquisite and delicious blend with family, friends and loved ones.

Small Batch

100% certified organic ingredients

Vegan, gluten free, sugar free

Loose leaf premium tea

Whole spices

Hand blended in Brisbane, Australia

Best enjoyed with friends.

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RRP $14.00
Shelf Life 1 Years
Chai Collective Supplied By: Chai Collective Tea


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