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Supplier Features

Explore the features that make Supply'd the best choice to solve your wholesale order management pain points. Wholesale order management has never been so easy.

  • Orders

    Streamline wholesale orders

    Streamline your wholesale orders in one place and eliminate manual data entry with our third party integrations.

  • Marketplace

    List your products and be discovered

    Earn new customers in your service areas by listing your products in the Supply'd marketplace.

  • Customers

    Add and invite your wholesale customers

    Add all of your wholesale customers to manage them in one place. Optionally invite them to use Supply'd to streamline ordering.

  • Payments

    Automated credit card payments

    Automate wholesale payments with credit cards to reduce late and missed payments.

  • Products

    Manage stock levels

    Manage stock levels in Supply'd with specific quantities or generic in stock or out of stock flags. Optionally automate stock sync with your existing systems.

  • Orders

    Sync orders with your existing systems

    Automatically sync Supply'd orders with your existing systems to eliminate manual data entry and maintain your existing processes.

  • Orders

    Enforce order minimums

    Set your order minimums and Supply'd will ensure orders are not placed below the minimum threshold.

  • Shipping

    Automatically charge shipping based on your rules

    Set shipping zones and rules to define what shipping options are available for based on postcode, state, price and more.

  • Orders

    Generate pick and pack lists

    Quickly generate pick and pack lists to make order fulfilment a breeze.

  • Orders

    Manual order creation

    Manually create orders on behalf of your customers allowing your sales team to input orders while at venues.

  • Products

    Generate beautiful price lists

    Generate great looking price lists at a click, create filtered price lists based on categories, brands or tags to personalise for your customers in just a few clicks.

  • Customers

    Set customer specific pricing

    Set customer specific pricing with granular control over discounts for all products, or specific categories and products.

  • Payments

    Accept invoice and COD payments

    Allow your customers to pay via invoice and cash on delivery on your terms, with payments going directly to you.

  • Customers

    Set customer specific payment options and terms

    Define the specific payment methods and terms for each of your customers so your best customers get the terms they need.

  • Shipping

    Live quote shipping pricing

    Live quote an orders shipping price based on the order size, weight and destination with our connections to AusPost* & Shippit.

  • Shipping

    Enable customer pick-up

    Allow customers to pick-up from one or more of your locations with automated pick-up emails to make managing pick-ups easy.

What our suppliers are saying

Since using Supply'd we have grown our wholesale business by over 400%! At the same time we have eliminated manual handling and all the mistakes that go with it.

Only Mine

Supply’d was super easy to set up and to work with. A great platform with some amazing suppliers and buyers.

Brushwoods Fresh Foods

Using Supply'd means orders placed by customers are correct the first time around. This reduces the painful back and forward.


Supply’d is an excellent platform to attract new customers in an effortless end to end process.

Two Little Tarts

Supply'd has driven me a bunch of new wholesale customers and made their orders and payment really easy to manage.

Crackle Corn