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The Fix Cold Press Juice Wholesale

The Fix Cold Press Juice

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Our juices will give you the high-end, boutique-quality juice that you are looking for cheaper, faster and more cost-effective than making it in house.

· Want to make money from juice?

· Sick of wasting money on labour “just for juice”?

· Want to offer a premium product without all the hassle?

· Annoyed at losing customers that won’t wait for the juice to be made in-store?

· Worried about added preservatives, colours, flavours and additives in other pre-bottled juices tarnishing your image?

· Want to MAKE money from juices?

With so much pressure being put on businesses these days, electricity, rent increases, wages, produce cost we find more and more owners are looking for an easy cost-effective solution to all parts of their business.

We talk to owners daily and the messages are loud and clear.

 “sick of wasting money on labour for juices” 

· “produce going off before we can use it”

· “run out of produce and have to run to supermarket whilst customers wait”

· “staff not following recipes”

· “costing too much in produce to make a juice”

· “juicer takes up too much space”

· “don’t want a juice that people can buy from a supermarket”

Any of this sound familiar?? Whilst in-store juice can seem like the solution to offering a quality product many stores have tried to make this work and have come to the realization that the many associated costs and headaches (labour, produce, waste, inconsistency, wrong ingredients being uses, staff training) all add up to cost more than originally thought or planned for or even worse when the juice is made incorrectly and the consumer has a bad experience (and yes we have heard some horror stories)

The other options of pre-packaged juices also have owners raising concerns about preservatives, additives, added colours & flavours, heat treating etc. Owners are seeing this as going against their business model and downgrading their health focussed menus. With customers being savvier and savvier when it comes to what they consume this has caused concerns when it comes to healthy juice options.

Store owners have also told us that their customers are asking for a cleaner, healthier drink options that don’t have preservatives etc in them as these are known to affect peoples health. They have been left with very little alternatives other than providing expensive, time consuming in-house juices.

This is where we step in with our high end, preservative-free, no added sugar, no artificial colours or flavours in grab ‘n go 250ml bottles or cost-effective 5-litre bladders. With a range of 10 flavours to choose from, our varieties cater for varying tastes and offer stores a real alternative to common mass-produced juices.

Since store owners know they are selling a quality product in line with the rest of their business they can focus on working ON their business and not be worried about quality issues, produce waste or time spent making juice. Stores are also seeing real growth in their grab ‘n go service once consumers don’t have to wait for juices.

We hear the same issues around juicing from both large and small companies. From family-owned cafes right through to Park Royal Hotel, Marriot Hotel, Sonoma Bakery and AMP, we supply a wide range of clients looking for what we have to offer.

Product feature

Cold Pressed

Allows full amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes possible

10 Week shelf life

Reduces wastage

No preservatives


"clean" product

Locally sourced produce

Supporting Australian families, farmers and businesses

Not heated treated

Retains vital heat-sensitive nutrients

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Castle Hill, NSW

Minimum Order

6 cartons / $200.00

Service Areas


Payment Methods

Credit Card, Invoice


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