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Koru Pantry Organic Tea - Secret Women's Business - Honeybush & Sage Large Refill Pack 500g
Koru Pantry Organic Tea Secret Women's Business - Honeybush & Sage Large Refill Pack 500g x 1 per carton Get Wholesale Price

Next time someone asks you “is it that time of the month” or makes just one more hot flush joke, you can either SMACK them, hard… or take a deep breath & brew a pot of Secret Women’s Business. Organic chasteberry & sage balance our hormones & enhance mental clarity & memory. These are combined with the nourishing goodness of honeybush tea, finished with top notes of lemon verbena & rose. Delicious & perhaps a safer option than taking a swing at someone…

Health Benefits

The honeybush base for this delicious tea is rich in phenolic compounds, found in studies to assist the body to reduce inflammation in conditions like IBD & Crohn’s. It is also high in phytoestrogenic properties, making it behave like estrogen in the body. This can help relieve menopausal symptoms & can potentially offer support against a variety of hormone related conditions. We have added chasteberry, which has a sweet slightly minty flavour & has been long been used to regulate hormone imbalances & aid menstrual disorders, PMS & menopausal symptoms such as breast tenderness, hot flushes & mood swings. Sage is added to enhance mental clarity & memory, & is woven together with the sweetness of lemon verbena & fragrant rose.

Serving Size 3g

We like to warm the teapot for a moment or two before use. Swirl around some boiling water, tip it out, then add one teaspoon of Secret Women’s Business per person, plus one for the pot. Pour boiling water over this & tuck your teapot up in its tea cosy (or a tea towel, if you have yet to steal your grandma’s cosy!) & allow to brew for 3-5 minutes. Put your feet up, have the kids do the dishes & enjoy in peace.

Organic Honeybush [Sth Africa], Organic Sage [Turkey], Organic Chaste Tree [Croatia], Organic Lemon Verbena[Egypt] & Organic Rose Petals [India]

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Shelf Life 2 Years
Koru Pantry Organic Tea Supplied By: Koru Pantry Organic Tea Tea


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